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First time on ubuntu bug day

Hi.. Planet. My first experience work with ubuntu bug is today 17-07-2008 (Indonesia) after I read from ubuntu-news milist that today is UbuntuBugDay. Because still confused how to start, so I join to #ubuntu-bugs and ask some people there. I forgot to activated pidgin’s log.

takdir: i want to help fix some bugs but how to start?
Grantbow: takdir: welcome 🙂 type “/topic” and check those URLs out first.
takdir: ok thanks Grantbow

I read how to helping bugs

And start work in bug 152410

takdir: i’m work in, but i just answer a question.
ubottu: Launchpad bug 152410 in php5 “php module not enabled by default in gutsy” [Undecided,Incomplete]
hggdh: takdir, please set the bug as a duplicate of bug 115616 — do you know how to do it?
takdir: just click mark as duplicate ?
hggdh: yes
hggdh: they are related
takdir: ok, done
hggdh: takdir, then this is all – the bug is automatically closed

Now in bug 152410

takdir: what should i do with #152410 ?. i ‘ve been add comment and subcribe to that bug. the bug is marked expiration in 59 days
***takdir hugs hggdh
hggdh: bug 152410
ubottu: Launchpad bug 152410 in php5 “php module not enabled by default in gutsy” [Undecided,Incomplete]

and after discussion, hggdh mark it as triagged.

In bug 156077 about USB Printer, I give comments how to install printer’s driver and close report with change status to invalid because there is no respon from reporter for a along time.

takdir: i ‘ve been changed status bug 156077 to invaled bacause no respon from reporter, it’s true ?
ubottu: Launchpad bug 156077 in cupsys “USB printer not detected” [Undecided,Invalid]

The other bug that i subcribe, put comments or responses, and change status to invalid is 165048 172788 156902. I hope I can do better tomorrow and next day. Need guidance. Thanks 😉

My 5 today: #148223 (linux-source-2.6.22), #172788 (ubuntu), #165048 (firefox), #156077 (cupsys), #156902 (ubuntu)
Do 5 a day – every day!


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Starting new blog with

Q : Do you have a blog ?.
A : Yes, I have a blog. I mean I have three blog sites and still active.

Q : What kind language of readers do you want ? World or just in your country ?
A : hmm ….

The last question is interesting and make me think all over day about language that using in blogging.
Why ? I have some reason,

  1. Try to learning english language with writing 😉
  2. The contents can be understand by all people and even my english is still ‘broken’ ?? 😀
  3. In my others blog, I put google adsense and if I want to increase venue, I must make my blog have a nice content and of course using international language so the readers not just from my country but all over the world.

Based on the reasons, I choose wordpress as my engine. And for first trying, I ‘ve been sign up on before i’m installing it on my own servers.

I feel happy ‘coz it’s appear now. I have a new blog in wordpress with english language 😉

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