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Do It For Home and Country

Do It For Home and Country


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Starting new blog with

Q : Do you have a blog ?.
A : Yes, I have a blog. I mean I have three blog sites and still active.

Q : What kind language of readers do you want ? World or just in your country ?
A : hmm ….

The last question is interesting and make me think all over day about language that using in blogging.
Why ? I have some reason,

  1. Try to learning english language with writing 😉
  2. The contents can be understand by all people and even my english is still ‘broken’ ?? 😀
  3. In my others blog, I put google adsense and if I want to increase venue, I must make my blog have a nice content and of course using international language so the readers not just from my country but all over the world.

Based on the reasons, I choose wordpress as my engine. And for first trying, I ‘ve been sign up on before i’m installing it on my own servers.

I feel happy ‘coz it’s appear now. I have a new blog in wordpress with english language 😉

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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