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Ubuntu Makassar : KoPi Ngoprek 4.4

Makassar – Saturday Night 25 Apr 2009 at 19.30, Ubuntu Makassar [0] gathered in a circle [1] to try new features of Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope. We install and discuss about it. And we think that 9.04 is more light, faster, and have an interesting notification. In this gathering we also discuss about JRP (Jaunty Release Party) at Makassar.

JRP Schedule at many city in Indonesia [2] is ,



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Ubuntu Makassar Community

ubuntu makassar at facebook

ubuntu makassar at facebook

Makassar is one from many big city in Indonesia. It’s located at Province Sulawesi Selatan.

Now we have ubuntu community and we call it Ubuntu Makassar. And this is a is a part of Ubuntu-ID (Indonesia) Local Community. We give support for ubuntu users via milist [1], forum [2] and facebook [3]. And every two week we meet together and make discussion and presentation about ubuntu. Beside Ubuntu, we also introducing BlankOn Linux, a distro derived from ubuntu that using Indonesian language.


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BlankOn Minimalist to Gnome Asia Summit

BlankOn Minimalist Presentation file

BlankOn Minimalist Presentation file

BlankOn Linux is Operation System based on Ubuntu and adjustable for Indonesian users especially for school and medium enterprise. Presented in Indonesian Language by default and have full support of multimedia, and in the first Gnome Asia Summit taking place at Beihang University, Beijing, October 18th – 19th, 2008, BlankOn Linux plan to attend and bring BlankOn Minimalist.

I was registered and created event name BlankOn Minimalis : A Lightweight+Full-Featured GNOME Desktop. It was accepted by committe and have a schedule at 19th oct 2008 14.00 but I’m failed to get Visa to Beijing so that event to present BlankOn Minimalist has been canceled. :(.

I hope BlankOn team will attend in the next Gnome Asia Summit ;).

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First time on ubuntu bug day

Hi.. Planet. My first experience work with ubuntu bug is today 17-07-2008 (Indonesia) after I read from ubuntu-news milist that today is UbuntuBugDay. Because still confused how to start, so I join to #ubuntu-bugs and ask some people there. I forgot to activated pidgin’s log.

takdir: i want to help fix some bugs but how to start?
Grantbow: takdir: welcome 🙂 type “/topic” and check those URLs out first.
takdir: ok thanks Grantbow

I read how to helping bugs

And start work in bug 152410

takdir: i’m work in, but i just answer a question.
ubottu: Launchpad bug 152410 in php5 “php module not enabled by default in gutsy” [Undecided,Incomplete]
hggdh: takdir, please set the bug as a duplicate of bug 115616 — do you know how to do it?
takdir: just click mark as duplicate ?
hggdh: yes
hggdh: they are related
takdir: ok, done
hggdh: takdir, then this is all – the bug is automatically closed

Now in bug 152410

takdir: what should i do with #152410 ?. i ‘ve been add comment and subcribe to that bug. the bug is marked expiration in 59 days
***takdir hugs hggdh
hggdh: bug 152410
ubottu: Launchpad bug 152410 in php5 “php module not enabled by default in gutsy” [Undecided,Incomplete]

and after discussion, hggdh mark it as triagged.

In bug 156077 about USB Printer, I give comments how to install printer’s driver and close report with change status to invalid because there is no respon from reporter for a along time.

takdir: i ‘ve been changed status bug 156077 to invaled bacause no respon from reporter, it’s true ?
ubottu: Launchpad bug 156077 in cupsys “USB printer not detected” [Undecided,Invalid]

The other bug that i subcribe, put comments or responses, and change status to invalid is 165048 172788 156902. I hope I can do better tomorrow and next day. Need guidance. Thanks 😉

My 5 today: #148223 (linux-source-2.6.22), #172788 (ubuntu), #165048 (firefox), #156077 (cupsys), #156902 (ubuntu)
Do 5 a day – every day!

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